Florencia Aise


Florencia Aise was born in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1983. She toured different ateliers of colleagues, from whom she learned the different techniques and styles, to work with tones and textures. At 16, Florence adopted oil, her favorite technique. Now, with the maturation achieved in a journey of almost 20 years, which included obtaining a university degree in Industrial Design UNCUYO, Aise is focused on portraying the beauty of small things. It is the maxim of her works of hyperrealism, in which her careful and faithful drawing comes to question the identity of the real model. Her careful work has allowed her to exhibit in destinations such as Rome or New York, or even Art Basel Week in Miami. The Argentine edition of Forbes magazine mentioned her as one of the most promising young women, under 35, in Argentina. While working day to day to fulfill such an expectation, she continues to market in both the U.S. and Argentina.

Auto Draft

Descanso Inocente, 2016

Oil on Canvas, 59" x 79"