Margo Selski

Artist Statement

"Although, my work appears to inhabit anachronistic worlds and resemble 19th century societal portraiture, it is intensely autobiographical and discreetly veiling my Southern Gothic childhood. I deal with the tension between extremes in order to fulfill an unbending wish for love, certainty and permanence."


Margo Selski received a Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s in Inter-disciplinary Arts from the State University of New York. Her undergraduate BA degree is from Berea College. Her work has been featured in several one-person exhibitions, including the Plains Art Museum, Illinois Central College, Hollywood Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery, RJD Gallery, The Art Institute International Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, the Saint Cloud State University, Augsburg College, Rochester Museum and Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Her work has been recognized for its excellence, producing numerous awards and honors. It has been collected in various museums, including the Plains Art Museum, Tweed Museum, Fredrick Weisman Museum, and the Contemporary Museum of Art in Colorado. Currently, she lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and is represented by RJD Gallery.

Auto Draft

A Quest for my Muchness, 2015

Oil and Beeswax on Canvas, 30" x 40"