Montserrat Gudiol


Montserrat Gudiol (1933-2015) was born in 1933 in Spain. Her father was the well-know art historian and architect, Jose Gudiol Ricart who served as the curator of the Episcopal Museum of Vic, Spain. She began her formal study of restoration techniques in 1950 at the age of 17. Her foci at that time were on wood and paper. Montserrat eventually became a well-known figurative symbolist painter whose work contained both religious and political symbolism.

She was the first woman admitted to the Real Academia Catalonia of Fine Arts of San Jordi in 1981. Gudiol was awarded the second highest civil award of Catalonia in 1988, the Cross of St. George. She passed away in 2015.

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Saint Georgina Slays the Dragon, 1974

Oil on Wood Panel, 24” x 20”

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Mujer en Rojo, 1970

Wood Panel Painting, 23.75" x 19.25"

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Sentada, 1981

Wood Panel Painting, 24" x 19.75" 

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Tres Figuras Bajos el Portal, 1978

Oil on Panel, 73 cm x 100 cm